Leaving no one behind

(TA3.13) Innovative approaches to overcome Data Challenges in monitoring Goal 16

Meeting Room 1.60 January 16, 2017 3:15 pm - 4:45 pm

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Clodomir Pereira
Adrián Franco Barrios
Renata Giannini
Luigi De Martino
Salomé Flores
Angela Me

With SDG 16, countries have agreed to ambitious targets to reach peace, ensure justice and build strong institutions. The regular monitoring of these targets requires data on a wide range of aspects which in many countries have been outside the purview of National Statistical Offices or national statistical systems.

The panel discussed some innovative approaches to enhance the measurement of the areas covered by SDG16 building on successful experiences undertaken by a wide rage of institutions, from national statistical offices, research institutions, NGOs and international organizations.

An introductory panel:
– Identified main challenges and opportunities around collecting data on SDG16 issues
– Highlighted innovative partnerships and solutions to complex data collection, comparability and methodological challenges in collecting SDG16 data
– Explored the role of an expanding data ecosystem in contributing towards the implementation and accountability for the SDGs.

In subsequent breakout discussion groups on various SDG16 topics, speakers covered different approaches to data generation, from extrapolating relevant media events to assess and complement the coverage of criminal justice statistics, to the use of unconventional data such as hospital records to understands the nature of violence and the implementation of large population and business surveys to understand the nature and extent of reported and unreported crime and public trust in institutions.

One speaker addressed the issue of data visualisation as a tool to identify fragile areas in need of urgent interventions and one speaker discussed how measurement of transnational issues such as organized crime and illicit financial flows require a data approach which goes beyond the simple compilation of national statistics.