Data principles and governance

(TA5.11) Making Official Statistics Open by Default

Meeting Room 2.44 January 18, 2017 10:45 am - 12:15 pm

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Nnenna Nwakanma
Oliver Chinganya
Albina Chuwa
Yeama Thompson
Risenga Maluleke
Bernard Sabiti
Muchiri Nyaggah

A panel of experts who have been active in the open data movement in Africa responded to questions and discussed the issues expressed by DGs of NSO, not only about open data, but also about the data revolution and other data related innovations. This gave an opportunity to hear from DGs of NSOs and provided the material for future advocacy addressing issues that they consider important. It also prepared for the Eleventh Joint Annual AU-ECA Conference of Ministers in 2017 (CoM2017), in which the concept of making official statistics open by default has been included as a discussion item. Thereafter, ECA included opening up official statistics in its work programme and identified partners to collaborate with to support its member States in implementing the open data initiative.

The objective of the session was to build consensus among national statistical offices and other data generating agencies as well as parties involved in national open data initiatives, first, that official statistics is an essential component of the open data initiatives, and second, on the need to work together to develop open data services for official statistics. The session helped strengthen the resolve to work towards a new national data ecosystem in which official statistics is open by default.