TA 1. New approaches to capacity development for better data

(TA1.08) Effective Capacity Building and Technical Assistance in a world of data: How to say no and better coordinate technical assistance

GCC-Stat Hall October 22, 2018 10:30 am - 11:45 am

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El-Iza Mohamedou
Cara Williams
Josie Perez
Neil Jackson
Qasem Saeed Al Zoubi
Ayush Ariunzaya
Elena Proden

As a result of the Sustainable Development Goals, there is huge demand on National Statistics Offices (NSOs) to produce high quality data, using surveys, registers, administrative data and big data. While all NSOs struggle to meet these demands, it is a particular challenge for NSOs in developing countries. At the same time, capacity building and technical assistance need to be effective and sustainable, as donors face funding limitations.

How can recipient countries and donors better coordinate both across and within? Discussions related to coordination have taken place for several years, but have largely been ineffective. Bringing together recipient countries and donors to discuss how to better coordinate and what networks can be build/used is now critical.
What skills are needed to properly manage and coordinate technical assistance and donor relations?

Capacity building must take place at the institutional level before technical assistance can be effective. The coordination of capacity building and technical assistance activities is critical to avoid duplication and build upon the comparative advantages of each donor.

This session will bring together donor organizations and recipient countries to discuss these issues and how to move forward more effectively.